The County Treasurer is the custodial agent for all County taxes, fees, grants and all other County monies, as well as responsible for the investment of all funds, including General Fund, Road Fund, Machinery Fund, Solid Waste, Special Trust, etc. The Treasurer accounts for all receipts and expenditures, including sales tax, and the distribution of same. Payrolls are processed, payroll tax returns and payroll deductions for all County employees. The Treasurer also maintains health insurance for all County employees and retirees.

The Treasurer issues and accounts for all vendor payments, with the exception of Self Insurance. Federal and State Aid are received through the County Treasurer and are reconciled against departmental claims. Bank reconciliation's are performed in the Treasurer's office for all funds.

The County Treasurer issues Certificates of Residency for enrollment at a Community College, collects and records bail deposits, fine payments, dog licensing, dog damage claims, accounts for unpaid school taxes and unpaid recycling fees.

The County Treasurer is the chief tax enforcing officer for County taxes; collecting and enforcing payment of all delinquent taxes, including tax billing, recording of tax liens, tax foreclosure and acquisition of County-owned property.

Kimberly C.L. DeFrank, Treasurer
Melynda C. Brown, Deputy Treasurer

34 East Park Street 
Albion, New York 14411 
Phone: (585) 589-5353 
Fax: (585) 589-9220