Orleans County awarded Modern Disposal Services, Inc. a five year agreement to collect solid waste and recycling for all of Orleans County. New to residents in the contract will be a cart based recycling program approved by the Orleans County Legislature. The move to a cart based recycling program is designed to increase participation, add convenience to participants, better containment of material between collection and improve the efficiencies of collection.

Beginning in June, all eligible property owners will receive a 95 gallon capacity wheeled cart for recycling which will replace the smaller 18 gallon bin residents currently use. The old recycling bin is yours to keep but you must use the larger cart for storage and collection of your recycling.

With the carts, the current weekly collection of recycling will change to Every Other Week collection or “EOW” beginning Monday July 1, 2019. The move to Every Other Week collection or “EOW” will reduce traffic in neighborhoods, reduce our carbon foot print and will reduce collection costs.

Orleans County and all of Western New York are seeing a totally new recycling menu which now features the “Best Items to Place in Your Recycling Cart”. This has caught the eye of the avid recycler and consumer. The change has sparked conversation and the traditional and once very inclusive recycling menu of the past, now features those commodities where stable markets exist and removing those which don’t.

All of us have a role and a responsibility to the success of our recycling program and the message “Best Items to Place in Your Recycling Cart” is intended to promote awareness and education.

The change to “EOW” collection of recycling does not impact trash collection which will remain weekly. Your day of collection will not change and for example, if your day is Monday it will remain Monday. The difference will be that a portion of Mondays recycling customers will be collected on an “A” week and the balance of the Monday customer will be collected the following week or on the “B” week. This alternating cycle continues week after week, month after month.    

You will receive a newsletter in April that will include maps indicating the week recycling in your area will be collected. Please review it thoroughly as it provides important information you need to know about the new recycling collection schedule and program. This information will also be available on the Orleans County website.

We invite you to attend one of the public information meetings which will be held at the following locations. Representatives from Orleans County and Modern Disposal Services will be present to answer your questions.  

Locations One: Saturday May 4th from 9 am to 11 am at the Town of Murray building

Location Two: Saturday May 4th from 1 pm to 3 pm at the Town of Shelby building

Location Three: Saturday May 25th from 9 am to 12 noon at the Orleans County 4H Fairgrounds

This is an exciting change for Orleans County and we ask for everyone’s cooperation and patience’s during the transitions.  Modern will be taking your calls and happy to answer any questions you have. Moderns Customer Service Department can be reached locally by calling 800-330-7107