2016 Legislature

FRONT ROW: Donald J. Allport, Vice Chairman, At Large – Central; Lynne M. Johnson, Chairman, District 2. 
BACK ROW: E. John DeFilipps, At Large – East; Kenneth A. DeRoller, District 4; Merle L. Draper, At Large – West; David C. Schubel, County Attorney; Charles H. Nesbitt, Jr., Chief Administrative Officer; William H. Eick, District 1;  Fred Miller, District 3; Nadine P. Hanlon, Clerk of the Legislature.

(Photo Credit: Photos By Bruce, Albion, NY)


The Orleans County Legislature consists of seven elected officials, serving as your representatives at the County level. Those Legislators representing a specific district are elected by the voters within that district. At Large Legislators are elected by the voters within the entire county. One must reside in the Central portion of the County; one in the Eastern section, and one in the Western section.

The Legislature is divided into ten Standing Committees to more efficiently carry out the responsibilities of County government.  Each Standing Committee is appointed by the Chairman of the Legislature and includes a Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Chairman of the Legislature is a member of all Standing Committees.


Chairman of the Legislature:   Lynne M. Johnson
Vice-Chairman of the Legislature:  William H. Eick




District 1 - Barre, Clarendon, Shelby

William H. Eick (R)


District 2 - Ridgeway, Shelby (Dist 3), Yates

Lynne M. Johnson (R)


District 3 - Albion, Gaines

Fred Miller (D)


District 4 - Carlton, Kendall, Murray

Kenneth A. DeRoller (R)


At Large - West

Merle L. Draper (R)


At Large - Central
Donald J. Allport (R)


At Large - East
E. John DeFilipps (R)