Welcome to the Orleans County Traffic Diversion Program established by Joseph V. Cardone, Orleans County District Attorney. This program is designed to assist first time traffic ticket offenders who are seeking a disposition of their current Vehicle and Traffic Tickets. 
The Orleans County Traffic Diversion Program is part of an on going effort to provide efficient and just service to the residents of Orleans County. 


-Promote Safe Driving. Every participant in the Traffic Diversion 
Program will be required to complete a Defensive Driving Course. 

-Promote Driver Financial Responsibility. Every participant in the 
Traffic Diversion Program shall be required to have a valid automobile 
insurance policy in effect in order to be eligible to participate. This 
request will reduce the number of uninsured drivers on Orleans 
County roads. 

-Efficiently Resolve Cases. The Traffic Diversion Program is designed to 
free up valuable prosecution resources, allowing the District 
Attorney’s Office to focus on more complex criminal cases. In 
addition, because the applicant pays the cost of the program, 
the District Attorney’s Office is able to offer this program at no 
additional cost to the taxpayers of Orleans County. 

The Orleans County Traffic Diversion Program is a valuable tool in the Orleans County District Attorney Joseph V. Cardone’s ongoing effort to service Orleans County with initiatives designed to protect the public, promote lawful conduct, and reduce inefficiency in the criminal justice system without decreasing service to 
Orleans County residents. 


-You will derive the educational benefits from the Defensive Driving Program 

-You may receive a 10% reduction in your insurance costs 

-You will remove up to four points from your driving record 

-You will have your ticket dismissed and it will not appear on your driving record 


In order to be eligible for the Traffic Diversion Program you must meet the following requirements: 

1. You are charged with an eligible offense; 
2. You have not been convicted of any moving violation of the Vehicle 
and Traffic Law within the last 18 months; 
3. You have not participated in the Orleans County Traffic Diversion 
Program within the last 18 months; 
4. You have a valid license and insurance at the time of the offense; 
5. You are able to pay a nonrefundable fee of two hundred dollars 

“Eligible Offense” means any New York State Vehicle and Traffic violation, but specifically excludes, any V&T §1180 Speeding 30 mph or more over the speed limit; V&T §1192 Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs; V&T §1212 Reckless Driving; V&T §511 Aggravated Unlicensed Operation; V&T §1174 Passing a Stopped School Bus; Accidents that resulted in physical, serious physical injury or death; V&T §600-1a Leaving the scene of an accident; or any offense committed in a school or construction zone. 
We reserve the right to use our discretion to approve or deny any applicant. Being “eligible” for the program does NOT automatically ensure your participation in the program. 


Please fill out and submit your application to: 

Orleans County District Attorney’s Office 
13925 Route 31 West 
Suite 300 
Albion, New York 14411 

Please enclose along with your application the following items: 

1. A nonrefundable check or money order for $200.00 made payable to the ORLEANS COUNTY TREASURER; and 

2. A copy of all of your traffic tickets. If you do not have a copy of the original 
traffic ticket you received when you were pulled over, it is solely your responsibility 
to contact the court where the ticket was issued and obtain one. 


If approved for the Traffic Diversion Program, the applicant will be required to complete a Defensive Driving Course of his or her choice. All applicants are responsible for finding a certified Defensive Driving Course on their own. The District Attorney’s Office accepts any course approved by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. The cost of the course is in addition to the cost of participating in the program. Once the applicant completes the Defensive Driving Course, the offender is required to submit proof of completion to the District Attorney’s Office. Do not submit it to the court. A copy of the completion certificate is sufficient proof. Upon completion of the Traffic Diversion Program, the District Attorney’s Office will move to withdraw prosecution of the pending traffic ticket(s). 


Please direct any questions to the Orleans County District Attorney’s Office at 585-590-4130 or email at trafficdiversion@orleansny.com. For additional information about the program or to access this application online, please go to the Orleans County website at Orleansny.com, click on “Departments” and “District Attorney.”