Matthew R. Ballard, MLS
County Historian
34 E. Park Street
Albion, NY 14411
(585) 589-4174


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Digitized Collections
Orleans County Poor House - Register of Deaths and Burials, 1873-1902 Register of deaths, burials, and some births at the Orleans County Poor House covering 1873 to 1902. Includes information about inmates including name, age, date of death, and location of burial. Also contains references to headstone number for those buried in the Poor House Cemetery (no. 1-75).
Orleans County Treasurer - Civil War Loan Ledger, 1863-1864
Index | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Board of Supervisors Resolution
This resource contains a detailed account of all citizens of Orleans County who, under President Abraham Lincoln's 1863 Proclamation calling for 300,000 volunteers, loaned money to the County Treasurer for the purpose of paying Union volunteers.
Town of Gaines Vital Records, 1847-1849 This ledger contains several pages of births, marriages, and deaths registered in the Town of Gaines between 1847 and 1849.


Finding Aids
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Collection (2017.010) The records of St. Mary’s Assumption Roman Catholic Church include annual financial reports, annual diocesan spiritual reports, financial ledgers, foundational documents (deeds, mortgages, and indentures), parish censuses, photographs, school grade books, and school rosters.
Nayman Family Collection (2017.011) The Nayman Family Collection includes photograph albums, loose photographs, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings relating to the Romanowski, Nayman, and Majewski families of Albion, Medina, and Buffalo, New York.
Virgil Bogue Home for Dependent Children Collection (2016.002) The records of the Virgil Bogue Home for Dependent Children and the Virgil Bogue Fund for Dependent Children include wills, incorporation papers, copyright transfers, dissolution paperwork, property sale documents, membership lists, expense ledgers, bank ledgers, board of trustee minutes, savings account ledgers, bonds and securities ledgers, investment account statements, IRS 990 filings, NYS charitable reports, child welfare surveys, and case files for children.


Indexes to Collections
Family Files Family files contain newspaper clippings, genealogies, and copies of documents, records, manuscripts, diary entries, Bible records, photographs, and other resources related to specific individuals and families from Orleans County. This list is not complete nor extensive, but will continue to grow as materials are organized. The Historian continues to collect resources relating to Orlea3ns County families and will gladly accept donations - originals or copies - to add to the files. Researchers are encouraged to contribute research materials, either complete or in progress, to the Department of History in order to assist future researchers and genealogists.
Oral Histories A listing of major subjects covered within Oral Histories compiled by the Orleans County Historical Association in the 1970s and early 1980s. The Department of History maintains transcriptions of the original oral histories as well as audiocassette recordings of the oral history projects. Researchers interested in listening to oral history recordings are encouraged to visit the Hoag Library (Albion) or Lee Whedon Library (Medina) where compact disc (CD) copies are available.
Overlooked Orleans An index to the weekly newspaper column, Overlooked Orleans, authored by County Historian Matthew R. Ballard (v. 1, 2015 -     ). The index is fairly exhaustive and includes terms and names that are mentioned both in detail and in passing. Each term includes a reference to volume-number (e.g. 4-25) and will be updated regularly as new articles are authored.
Subject Files A complete listing of the current subject files housed within the Department of History. Each file contains photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, records, documents, ephemera, and other materials pertaining to the listed subject. Please note that each file is different and some may contain more information than others. This list is not complete and will be updated as new materials are added and organized.


Bethinking of Old Orleans A weekly publication authored by County Historian, C. W. "Bill" Lattin, starting with v. 1, no. 1 (1979).
Orleans Memories A weekly publication authored by County Historian, Arden McAllister, starting April 2, 1975.
Out of the Past A weekly publication authored by County Historian, Cary H. Lattin.
Overlooked Orleans

A weekly publication authored by County Historian, Matthew R. Ballard, starting with v. 1, no. 1 (2015) and appearing within the Orleans Hub and Batavia Daily News. The column is digitally archived through the Drake Memorial Library at The College at Brockport (SUNY). An index is available under the "Indexes to Collections" section.

Rare Books

A listing of all monograph (book) materials available in the Department of History, including published and unpublished books and manuscripts. The rare book collection includes local histories, published genealogies, unpublished compiled genealogies, city directories, telephone books, and local high school yearbooks.

Shelf ListThis listing is organized by shelf location (Library of Congress Call Number).

Subject ListThis listing is organized by primary subject area (Library of Congress).

Title ListThis listing is organized by title.

Condition Reports & Ledger Inventories

Various inventories and condition reports for miscellaneous ledgers/books. Each report contains information about contents and specific names found within. Note that accession numbers with collection number 001 are items found within the collection.

Bank of Orleans Charter (2018.001.003)
County Directory - 1860 (2018.001.007)

Farmers Bank of Orleans Ledger (2018.001.001)
Farmers Bank of Orleans: Discount Ledger (2018.001.002)
Grand Jury Ledger - 1882-1883 (2018.001.005)
Hatch Blacksmith Account Ledger (2018.001.008)
Hill Farmer's Day Book (2018.001.004)
Justice of the Peace Docket - Ridgeway (2018.001.006)