Computer Services

The Computer Services Department provides a variety of computer services to all departments in our county. These services include maintenance, repair and trouble-shooting for over 1000 pieces of equipment including servers, network switches, routers, PCs & monitors, in-house printers, multi-function copiers, Voice Over Internet Protocol phone services, fax services, Video Surveillance systems, Security Access Control systems, mobile phone services, Cable TV and other peripheral devices. Service is also provided for software needs including initial installation, configuration management, specilized software configuration, trouble-shooting and staff training. Staffing includes an IT Operations Analyst I, Senior Network Services engineer, Senior Email & Internet Services Manager, and a Computer Specialist. The Computer Services Department also advises all other county departments in planning for new equipment to meet ever-changing needs.

Edwin Moss, Director

14016 State Route 31
Albion, New York 14411
Phone: (585) 589-0387
Fax : (585) 589-0389