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The Villages of Lyndonville and Medina alongside the Towns of Ridgeway, Shelby, and Yates have begun the process of updating their joint Comprehensive Plan. A comprehensive plan serves as the guiding document for municipal land-use decisions, such as zoning and capital improvements. The current plan, approved in 2001 and amended in 2003, offers many recommendations that remain valid today. Nevertheless, the Plan requires updated demographic and economic data. Additionally, goals and recommendations set forth in the Plan will be examined and considered in a current context. 

The Comprehensive Plan will cover a broad array of topics, including socioeconomic trends; housing; land use, zoning and development; infrastructure and utilities; environment; historic, cultural, and municipal resources; parks; open space and recreation; economic development; transportation; and sustainability. For each topic area, the Plan will summarize existing conditions, identify issues and opportunities and outline recommendations and action items. 

The 12 to 18 month Comprehensive Plan update process will be guided by the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) including representatives from local boards, County agencies, and by members of the community at-large. This process will include public outreach in the form of a survey and public forums. These forums and meetings will be announced at a later date. The goal is to reach as many residents, business owners, and other stakeholders as possible to create a consensus for the future of Western Orleans.


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 Category Date Revised
 Recreation, Culture, and Tourism 4-20-17
 Farmland and Agriculture 4-20-17
 Environmental Protection   4-20-17
 Sewer and Water Infrastructure 4-20-17


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Residents Survey: 2001