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Orleans County Planning Board
The Orleans County Planning Board (CPB) meets the fourth Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm in Conference Room C at  the Orleans County Administration Building , 14016 Route 31, Albion, NY 14411. The Department maintains a comprehensive record of CPB minutes that are available upon request. 












2017 Calendar - Adopted         Searchable Referral Database          Albion (T)  Kendall
Jan. 2017 Minutes - Draft          Zoning Referral Form          Albion (V)  Lyndonville
17-11 Murray (T)
        CPB Referral Map
         Barre  Medina
17-12 Kendall (T)         FAQs
         Carlton  Murray
17-13 Shelby (T)
        SEQR Information          Clarendon  Ridgeway
Agenda (Feb. 23, 2017)
        Ag. Data Statement           Gaines  Shelby
Attendance                    Holley  Yates 


CPB Referral Map 
CPB Referral Map 

Inter-Municipal Agreements

Albion (T)                 Kendall                       
Albion (V) Lyndonville
Barre Medina
Carlton Murray
Clarendon  Ridgeway
Gaines Shelby
Holley Yates